All Time Classics Vol. 2: The Crotch Watcher

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Apr 16 2018 - 06:12:10 PM

Studio: Falcon Studios

Unrelated loops with no dialog.

1-2. Boyhood Dreams, pt 1 & 2
Brian Dexter, Michael (phillip), Phillip (michael)
Michael and Phillip reprise their equally hot scene from Weekend Lockup and get Brian Dexter in on the sex. In a romp that doesnt look like it needed any direction, everybody gets a taste of everything including several combinations of fuck sandwiches. Jumbled editing in the video makes it hard to tell who is doing what to whom.
3. Dirty Words
Gordon Grant
Gordan Grants big muscled body stars in this five part ode to crotches. Gordon wakes up with a piss-hard-on and strokes it to climax. After getting dressed he heads to work in his convertible, ogling every crotch he drives past. At work he has to release this pent up pressure so he heads to the john where he sits himself down for a quiet j/o. Another fellow does the same thing in the next stall and they both spout their juices. Gordon then joins this fellow to suck and rim him until Gordon gets baptized in the face with semen, sucking the last drops out. Gordon cleans himself up until another uncredited faceless cock joins him in the john. Wouldnt you know, this new guy needs some relief too and Gordons face gets sullied again.
4. Crotch Watcher, pt 2
Gordon Grant, Chris Burns (70s)
While heading home from this hard sex-at-work day, Gordon picks up a blonde Chris Burns. Finally, Gordon gets to be top man getting his dick serviced by both ends of the blonde. Both men cum, making this the fourth load in this busy day for Gordon.
5. I Will Not Have an Erection in Class
Larry (fs)
Larrys teacher catches him rubbing his dick through his pants. Larry is sent to the blackboard to write the loop title over and over while the teacher watches from behind. Bold Larry takes his whopper out while he writes. Larry turns around, gives the stunned teacher a look at it and eggs the teach to take it. They suck each other until the teacher checks out Larrys dick size with his sphincter. Both guys get their rocks off in a flood of a climax.

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Duration: 1:48:06
Video: 720x480, XviD, 1952kbps
Audio: 156kbps

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All Time Classics Vol. 2 The Crotch Watcher

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