Bodybuilder-Wrestler Contest

Feb 10 2019 - 06:26:07 PM

Studio: Wrestlehard

Newcomer muscleman Csabee and Mega-Titan Fernando Nielsen stand side by side with hot referee Dane. He explains the rules.They compete in two rounds and the winner's prize is the right to get the loser's ass. The two musclegods shake hands and the contest begins with Round 1 - armwrestling. The action is very hot and bulging veins on their huge biceps are pretty hard to miss! After a gruelling match, Fernando wins this round. Round 2 is muscle posing. Both guys show good routines, but obviously the much bigger Fernando wins this also.
After the contest our Titan wants his prize. But Csabee, who does not care for fair play at all, kicks the referee out the ring and attacks Fernando and tells him he will never get his tight ass prize. Speedo and naked wrestling session starts between the two huge musclemen. We can see lots of unfair elements from the loser who still doesn't want to admit he lost. Nipple and ball torture and nice wrestling holds follow every action. Fernando is much bigger and stronger and it seems that he's gonna win the naked wrestling session but the desperate loser cheats again as he grabs Fernando's balls and twists them until Fernando submits in agony! Poor Fernando almost cries as he begs for mercy. Fernando gives up the fight and Csabee pushes his dick into the titan's mouth with an evil grin on his face. The video ends with an intense muscle fucking action.

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Bodybuilder Wrestler Contest

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