Apr 15 2018 - 06:36:12 PM

Studio: Tickled Hard

21-year-old Braxton stops by after work to try something new...being tied up and tickled! He strips down to his tight white briefs and shiny black shoes, and Franco straps him to the tickling board and starts exploring. Clearly, Braxton is a little ticklish, but its not long before Franco has him producing maniacal, machine gun laughter. He tickles Braxton on his defined abs and in his armpits, causing him to squeal and every muscle in his pretty, toned body to tense.

Braxtons laughter gets louder and louder, and hes just about to cry when Franco has pity on him and gives him a second to recover. He repositions Braxtons arms to relieve the shoulder stress, then resumes the tickle on his abs and inner thighs. He removes one of Braxtons shoes and socks and nibbles on his size 9 1/2 foot. Franco tickle tortures Braxtons bare foot with his rough fingers and a brush until its glowing pink. Then its a quick tickle on the upper ribs before switching to Braxtons other foot and making him scream!

Finally Braxton catches a break, as Franco pulls down his underwear and sucks his big 8-inch dick. With a finger in his butt, Braxtons eyes roll back and he spurts his load. He tries to escape, but Franco keeps him in place, torturing his sensitive cock to the end.

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Duration: 22:38
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