Broke Straight Boys - Damien Nichols Shoots A Huge Load

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Jan 13 2018 - 12:11:27 AM

Damien Nichols, one of our newest models on Broke Straight Boys, is a little nervous to be shooting his solo scene…not because he doesn’t jerk off regularly, but because it’s all eyes on him and that can be a little intimidating for a newcomer. But when we talk him out of his clothes and he shows off his sexy muscles for us, he’s a little more relaxed and ready to get started. He grabs the lube and gets that cock nice and slippery as he starts stroking it, standing in front of the bed and working that dick as it grows longer and fatter in his hands.

When he reclines back on the bed, he uses his free hand to massage his balls and nipples as he runs it up and down his chest and abdomen, feeling himself up while he continues to pump that big dick. He gets up and kneels on the bed, his muscles tensing as he jerks his long shaft and closes his eyes, pulling on his thick cock until he busts a nut, shooting a huge load all over the bed as he rubs every last drop of cum from his prick!

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Broke Straight Boys Damien Nichols Shoots A Huge Load

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