UkTickling - Ashleigh Gets Mean With Jade's Insanely Ticklish Feet & Body!

May 15 2018 - 09:30:09 PM

Jade is back and she's completely at the mercy Ashleigh in this hot F/F scene.
Unfortunately for Jade, Ashleigh is a very mean (and skilled) tickler, and Jade is one of the most ticklish people on earth! Looking super-cute in a red jumpsuit over sheer tan nylons, she gets strapped to the chair with her feet in the stocks. Ashleigh's in a playful mood and her nails are as Jade soon discovers! She focuses mainly on Jade's mega-ticklish feet in this one, removing her heels one at a time and then making her scream and squeal like crazy as she tickles the hell out of her! She tickles her so hard in the first few moments that Jade is completely hysterical – we had to ask her to slow down or else Jade wouldn't have made it through the scene! Ashleigh then continues to torments Jade's feet with her nails, whilst Jade laughs, shrieks, curses and struggles violently against the straps.
She is a very good tickler and she can't believe how ticklish Jade really is! She moves up to tickle her thighs and body, and a helpless Jade can't do a thing other than fling her head back, scream and laugh like crazy…Ashleigh's long fingers are very effective and try as she might Jade can't get away! She tickles her waist, sides, ribs and armpits, occasionally squeezing her thighs as Jade looks like she's going to burst out of the seat (good thing we strapped her in tight for this one!)
The worst part is still to come for Jade though as she goes face-down on the sofa, still strapped up, whilst Ashleigh sits on her legs and tickles her feet until she can't handle any more. Jade is completely hysterical again as Ashleigh really takes it out on her poor soles! She slowly runs her nails over her nylon feet and Jade kicks and jerks around so strongly, she nearly sends Ashleigh flying! She rips the nylons and spends several minutes on Jade's soft bare soles too.
Jade hates being unable to see what she's doing – especially when she traps her ankles so that she really can't struggle at all. Jade has no energy left to fight at the end and all she can do is laugh until Ashleigh's done with her! Poor Jade is always on the receiving end but that's because she's so much fun to watch!

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UkTickling Ashleigh Gets Mean With Jade s Insanely Ticklish Feet Body

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